SHM or Structural Health

What is SHM?

Structural health monitoring, better known by its acronym “SHM”, for Structural Health Monitoring, consists of monitoring the state of a structure or an industrial component during its operation using permanently installed capture systems. on this structure or this component.

The SHM applies more particularly to critical structures or components in terms of economic, safety or even environmental issues, such as, without this list being exhaustive, bridges, pipes, rails, wind turbines, aircraft…

SHM or Structural Health Monitoring: The Market

Hardware, Logiciels et Services

2 billion $
in 2022

The market represented nearly 2
billion dollars in 2022

Hardware, Logiciels et Services

5 billion $
in 2028

The market will be worth 5 billion dollars
in 2028. This development represents a
annual growth of 15%

Hardware, Logiciels et Services

2nd market
after that of civil engineering

The aeronautics market (570 million
dollars in 2023) is the 2nd market
after that of civil engineering (which represents
60% of the global market).

SHM or Structural Health Monitoring: Benefits and Perspectives

Reduced maintenance cost
– Reduction of inspection and curative interventions (costly)
– Reduction in the duration of maintenance operations

Optimization of activity (operations)
– Increased availability of structures
– Avoids unwanted consequences of regular inspections or urgent maintenance actions
Manufacturing/assembly monitoring
Diagnostic to monitor aging and predict remaining lifespan
Certification of new assembly processes and materials currently not controllable in NDT
Extension of the lifespan of structures and components
Better operating security
Reduction of operating safety margins
Reduced design safety margins and performance improvements
Digital twin for individualized monitoring